There is nothing that is more exciting for a teenager than prom. On the other end, there is nothing that is more anxiety provoking for a parent than prom night. You want them to have the time of their life and build memories they will have for a lifetime, but you also want them to arrive safely.

We understand both sides of the coin. We want to ensure two parties, with very different needs, that they will be granted exactly what they desire. Our goal is to not only get your teen where they need to be safe and on time, but to have the night of a lifetime and an experience that they will carry with them with fondness forever.

You can’t be there, but we will. Our drivers are contentious, responsible and professional. Prom is a very special occasion in the life of your teen, we guarantee that we will provide them with the same service that you, as an adult, would expect.

Our transports are clean, classic and always arrive in the manner that you would demand. Whatever type of vehicle you are looking for, we have them all. Whether you have a large group and need a bus transport, or it is a special evening between two, we can accommodate whatever your needs are.

We are in close contact when you need us. Even if your teen isn’t interested in being in communication, we are.

If you should ever need to get in touch with us, we provide a line of communication that gives you the comfort to know that everything is going alright, on time, and just as planned.

We know that prom is about pleasing everyone and ensuring that it is a relaxed and easy evening for all involved.

Just for the prom couple..

We know that prom night is about you. You have planned very hard to make this evening go just as you want. We respect your desire to be in control and in charge. Treating your as we would any other customer, if there are any special plans you have, or preferences that you are looking for, speak up. We are here to ensure that your prom night is something you will carry in your heart forever. To us it isn’t just another night, it is your night.

Going, going, gone

We know that you have lots of choices so you may want to look around. Please do, but know that you aren’t going to find a more affordable, professional, or concerned limo service out there. If you want to ensure that everything goes just the way that you want, don’t wait until the last moment.

We want to be here for you…make sure to allow us by booking now. Our service books quickly with good reason, we just don’t want you to miss out on all the fun. You love your parents, but taking their minivan to prom may not be exactly what you had planned…so plan ahead.