Bachelorette Parties

Why should the bachelors have all the fun? It is your last go around too! We’ll help you celebrate your final goodbye to single hood the way you have always dreamed of. If it is a wild and crazy ride, we can accommodate you. If you are more of the wine tasting and spa day type, we got that covered too.


we know ladies like to be pampered and that is what our limo service is here for. We guarantee that the time spent with our limo service will be one of the best times of your life. If being chauffeured from night club to night club is the plan for the evening, we’ll have you show up in style. If luxury is what you desire after your day of bliss at the salon, we will be there early waiting to pick you up. Our limos will exude all the class that you do.

No bachelorette gathering is too intimate or to grandiose for us to handle. With an entire line of various transports, finding the right ambiance for you to enjoy your party is not a problem. We have party buses, vans, or classic limos, whatever suits your personal style and plan for your special night. The key to an amazing bachelorette party is that it is what you dream of, so that is what our goal is. If you have any special preferences, we will make every effort to abide by them.

Our drivers are professional and understand that what happens in the limo, stays in the limo. Granting your privacy, they will strive to be there when you need them, but completely invisible when you don’t. It is your last hurrah, whatever way you want to spend it… should be how you spend it. Be specific about what you want and we will ensure that is exactly what we provide. If it is within our means, we will make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Working so hard to plan your special day to make it nice for everyone around, you deserve for someone to take care of you. Our limo service is here to allow you to take the backseat, even if just for an evening. It will be the magic memories are made

It’s up to you. Do you want to go big or just go home?

We have a full line of Bachelor Party packages starting from just $200… Now’s the time to go all out!

Bachelorrette Party Packages include:
The Standard
The V.I.P.
The Hangover
and The All-Nighter